Fresh Concrete Ensures a Cheaper and Stronger End-Product, and Helps You Avoid Cracked Concrete.

The best concrete in the business is the strongest and most cost-effective, and freshly-poured concrete from mobile concrete mixers are inherently both. Jobsites around the world, and in a variety of industries from mining, construction, and roadwork, have realized the cost-savings, flexibility, and stronger end-products when using fresh concrete poured onsite.

According to ConcreteNetwork.com, when concrete dries too quickly, it’s at risk of cracking. As the article points out, “Rapid drying of the slab will significantly increase the possibility of cracking.” Concrete mixed offsite begins the chemical process of drying while in the truck, meaning it carries a higher risk of drying too quickly once poured. On the flip side, Concrete Construction Magazine notes, “When there is too much water in the concrete, there is greater shrinkage with the possibility for more cracks and reduced compressive strength.” Therefore, mixing onsite will give you the power to determine the concrete is mixed appropriately to your specifications at the exact time you need it, creating the strongest end-product, and reducing the risk of cracks.

Contractors have found fresh concrete is better because it allows for:


The strength of the concrete is a direct result of materials used, and the conditions in which the reaction happens. By mixing concrete right on your jobsite in a mobile batch volumetric concrete mixer, you can control the quality and supply of your mixture.


By mixing your concrete onsite, you have the flexibility to mix to your exact admixture specifications every time, as well as in the precise quantity you need. No more waiting for trucks or crossing your fingers the load will show up with the right consistency. Furthermore, you don’t have to rely on pre-made mixtures; you’re in control of ingredients and ratios.

Reduced Risk of Cracking

Cracking is one of the main failures that reduces the strength of your end-product. When concrete is poured fresh from a mobile concrete mixer, the risk of cracking goes down because you aren’t pouring concrete that’s already began to cure in the truck. Plus, you’ll you’re your admixture will perfectly match your specifications, because you mixed it yourself.


By mixing right onsite, you can reduce shortages and overages, saving both time and money.


By controlling the quality and quantity of your concrete, you can expect to save money over time by capitalizing on the added savings of using fresh concrete. Plus, by avoiding cracked concrete at your jobsite, you’ll also save valuable time. You can calculate how much of a return on investment you can expect by using a Holcombe volumetric concrete mixer.

Ready to manage your concrete work with unmatched strength and flexibility? Holcombe’s volumetric concrete mixers are engineered to give you the flexibility to mix exactly what you need right onsite, complete with the strength of freshly mixed concrete. See how our volumetric mixers are revolutionizing construction, mining, oil field sites and others here, and don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can customize our mobile batch concrete mixers to fit your needs.

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