Comparing Volumetric Concrete Mixers to Concrete Drum Mixers.

There are some big differences between volumetric concrete mixers and concrete drum mixers. Those differences can contribute to favorable returns on investment for a volumetric mixer, which can improve your company’s ability to reduce materials waste, save time, and meet site-specific demands for the range of concrete applications you handle.

A big difference is how the concrete is mixed. Drum mixers combine a set amount of dry materials and water to mix a certain volume of concrete in transit – or deliver a certain volume from a central mix plant. Either way, the volume of concrete delivered is determined before the drum mixer arrives at the jobsite.

Volumetric mixers are materials transporters that haul sand, cement powder, aggregates, and water – as well as admixtures – in separate compartments. The volumetric mixer then mixes the materials at the concrete application site.

That means the volumetric mixer operator determines the amount of concrete used at the jobsite. The volume to be used is not determined before arrival. This can provide a special advantage for delivering concrete for smaller and specialty applications, like rapidly-hardening concrete.

The mixing system is different, too. On a volumetric concrete mixer, the amount of water required for the specific concrete application is mixed with aggregates and cement powder, and sand, as the dry materials flow into a discharge bin. Mixing continues in the chute, where an auger mixes the concrete constantly and uniformly. The mixing augers on Holcombe volumetric mixers produce up to 60-cubic yards per hour at a 5-sack/cubic yard mix.

This means that volumetric mixers are engineered differently than drum mixers, with systems and operator controls that allow precision on site. Holcombe mixers are engineered with a solid-state hydraulic synchronization of cement to aggregates, with electric over hydraulic controls providing one-button operation of the mixer.

That makes it easy for concrete truck drivers to learn and operate the volumetric mixer, which can save you tons of time and money down the road.

When you use a volumetric mixer from Holcombe, you have a programmable display and control center that saves and stores your mix design information. Plus, pre-programming makes it easier for the operator to select the proper mix for the specific jobsite. In other words, the truck owner/operator has control over the mix attributes needed for each worksite and specific concrete application.

That is a big difference between volumetric and drum mixers. Volumetric mixer owners can satisfy concrete application specs across varied volume requirements and specialty demands.

Holcombe volumetric mixers are also equipped with an admixture system to produce a specific mix design, and because volumetric mixers mix the quantity onsite, the concrete can be poured on a constant or intermittent basis.

All told, volumetric mixers deliver concrete of the same or superior quality as drum mixers – but the volumetric mixer operator gets to control the volume and concrete mix all onsite. That can result in materials and transport cost savings, and could likely result in happier customers – positioning the volumetric concrete mixer owner for more business in the future.

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