A Look at Cement Storage Silos and What They Can Mean for You.

The concrete contracting business is no stranger to increased competition these days. The ability to be profitable comes to down to the nitty gritty – being efficient and productive is crucial. One way concrete contractors have added to their productivity is by utilizing a bulk cement silo at jobsites and on large projects. These silos allow for onsite storage and easily accessible cement right where you need it, when you need it.

Cement silos come in basically three configurations, and all can be easily transported and set-up at your jobsite or location.

Stationary – Stationary cement silos are just as their name implies. This is an upright cement storage silo that’s not intended to be moved from jobsite to jobsite, but rather remains stationary at the office or a long-term site.

Low-Profile – For some jobsites or projects, the height of upright silos are problematic. Low-profile silos are designed in a lower-height rectangular shape. These silos are equipped with axles and wheels to facilitate transport between worksites. They’re beneficial in environments where height is a factor, but have the disadvantage of having less capacity.

Portable – A portable cement silo is an upright, round silo, constructed with wheels and a trailering system to give contractors the ability to move the silo easily. They can be easily erected and secured at the jobsite without cranes or additional equipment. Portable cement silos provide inherent flexibility, giving concrete contractors the ability to use the silo for a wide variety of projects and jobs.

No matter which cement silo for sale or lease you choose, all are designed to hold large amounts of cement at any given time. The size of the silo is determined by the number of barrels of cement its able to hold when filled. Depending on the type of cement and mixture specifications, one barrel holds, on average, just over 4 cubic feet of cement. For example, a 275-barrel Fast-Way Silo holds on average 1,175 cubic feet of cement.

Depending on the size of the silo, you can expect to batch up to 75 yards of wet concrete per hour. Silos save contractors time and money by reducing time and fuel spent traveling to and from cement plants offsite. They can also help save on overhead costs by ordering cement in bulk. Plus, potentially most important, silos reduce worker’s inhalation of toxic cement particles released when standard bags are opened in the traditional mixing process. Cement silos are fully contained, keeping these particles out of the lungs of you or your employees.

Adding a silo to your business operations can have a big impact on your productivity by having cement readily available for adding and/or mixing with other aggregates right onsite. To determine if purchasing a cement silo is a smart business move for your concrete business, a simple cost analysis for your business should be considered. For many large concrete contractors, a silo will pay for itself within just a couple years of making the investment based on the day-to-day savings of time and money spent transporting cement and buying in bulk. If your concrete business is feeling the strain of not being able to store and pour concrete fast enough or if you are spending significant time and money to and from your cement source, a silo may be a viable solution.

In general, we at Holcombe Mixers recommend a cement storage silo for all large operations. It’s a smart investment to increase efficiency and help complete jobs faster. We would be happy to help you run the numbers and find the ideal silo for your concrete business’s needs. As an authorized Fast-Way Silos dealer, Holcombe offers two options: a 200-barrel Low-Profile Portable Silo, and a 275-barrel Portable Silo. Both are available with either a gas or electric engine.

We’re always ready to provide the best pricing and quickest delivery to enable you to efficiently and effectively pour concrete onsite. Just call us at (970) 834-1414 or contact us today to make the smart choice of adding a cement silo to your business.

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