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Why Purchase a Concrete Mixer from Holcombe Mixers?

Holcombe Mixers have been independently certified to meet ACI 304.6R, AASHTO M-241 and ASTMC-685 Standards for Volumetric Mixers.


Aggregate bin is rated for 10-12 cubic yard capacity depending on the model but will hold 10 – 15% more depending on material density. Please check local DOT requirements for legal load limits.

Aggregate bin sides have the steepest bin angle in the industry to prevent bridging of wet aggregates and to ensure consistent charging of the belt. 12” wide calibrated rack and pinion head gates provide a square strike-off of sand and stone ensuring an accurate delivery of aggregates to the mix.

Patented Cassette Conveyor is the only removable conveyor system in the industry. Cassette Conveyor allows for conveyor belt changes in less than 5 hours.

Patented Conveyor Roller Floor reduces friction and lowers horsepower required and fuel consumption up to $100,000 over the life of the truck.

The no-lube pintle chain attached to our 28” wide belt are guaranteed to provide more than 12,000 yards of reliable service while never having to do daily lubrication of the chain or maintain messy unreliable auto-lube systems.

In normal operation, bin vibrators are not required for aggregates and cement to flow consistently. In the rare situations where needed to move wet materials, our electric vibrators on the sand bin and cement bin hit harder, last longer and are 80% quieter than pneumatic vibrators used on other mixers.



110 -120 (depending on model) cubic foot cement bin with weather tight hatch and polycarbonate view windows provides excess capacity to produce richer mix designs up to 8 sacks/yard without running out of cement before aggregates.

The widest bottom cement bin in the industry with dual feed augers ensures consistent and reliable metering of cement regardless of material compaction and density due to rough roads and heavy vibration.

Solid state hydraulic synchronization of cement to aggregates locks in accuracy, reduces maintenance and allows for easy lean to rich adjustment of cement using a simple hydraulic flow divider valve as opposed to high maintenance, low flexibility mechanical coupling systems used in other mixers.



Front mounted UV resistant 550-gallon polypropylene water tank provides water supply for concrete production.

Tank is fully baffled to provide stability during transportation and eliminate shift in load.

Hydraulic powered water pump, globe flow control valve, and visual water flow meter provides operator with precision control of concrete slump and accurate water/cement ratio.



Engineered 10” weight optimized or 12” pump optimized mixing auger produces up to 60 cubic yards of high quality concrete per hour at a 5-sack/cubic yard mix.

Mixing auger is equipped with replaceable NI HARD wear blades for maximum wear life.

High performance rear polymer seal bearing system provides years of uninterrupted service, is simple to maintain, and cost 50% less cost than more complicated bearing systems used in other mixers.

Hydraulic swing of the auger allows for 170 degrees of motion. When combined with our rotation swivel chute, the operator is able to maximize material placement efficiency, saving time and money on each job.



Low temperature load sensing and pressure compensating hydraulic system is equivalent to systems used in CAT, John Deere, Case and other high performing mobile construction equipment.

Dual variable displacement piston hydraulic pumps provide the exact amount of oil at the exact pressure needed for all functions allowing the mixer to operate at low temperature without the excess weight of oversized hydraulic reservoirs. So instead of carrying more hydraulic oil to keep temperatures down as in other mixers gear pump systems, our customers carry more materials to make more concrete!

Solid-state engineered hydraulic manifold eliminates mechanical levers and moving parts that are expensive and difficult to maintain and operate while providing independent control modules that can be operated electronically or with a manual override.



Electric over hydraulic machine controls allow for simple one button operation of the mixer. Because our mixer is the easiest machine to operate in the industry, it is also the easiest to train new operators to run.

Heads up programmable PLC display and control center stores mix design information and records pour information that can be output to an in-cab ticket printer.

Wireless remote control and optional in-cab controls provide additional ease of use and flexibility for the machine operator during static or roll and pour jobs.



Roll and Pour capability is available with purchase of truck chassis with appropriate Rear Engine PTO (REPTO) option.

High performance automotive quality 2-part polyurethane paint over sand blasted steel for long lasting professional appearance.

Mixer includes QTY 2, 48” London style chutes and QTY 1, 20” chute that can be carried in transit on mixing auger. (Not applicable when using Swivel Chute option).



Holcombe Mixers is a family owned, full service company with on staff engineering, service, support and part departments capable of providing thorough support in the most time sensitive manner.

Customer Focused Innovation means that we are constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to make our products easier to use, more reliable, and higher performance. We believe that innovation is the key ingredient to help you out-perform your competition and ultimately succeed and win in your business


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