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MIX DESIGN PRO VISUAL DISPLAY AND TICKET PRINTER - PLC display records mix design data, displays real time pour data and prints batch tickets to ticket printer mounted in cab of the truck chassis. Job tickets are often required for DOT work or for contract work. Provides a professional looking batch ticket similar to what customers would receive for ready mix trucks.

WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL - Handheld wireless remote control unit controls all mixer functions independent of mixer control panel. Working range is up to 75 feet away from the mixer. Wireless remote provides a way to operate the mixer from a safe distance while being able to conveniently move in and around where the material is being placed or to enable the mixer operator to move away from traffic when pouring on a busy road or highway.

IN CAB CONTROLS - Enables full control of the mixer from inside the truck chassis. This option enables the mixer operator to plug the handheld wireless remote into a cable that is in the truck cab. Includes mounting stand to place controls at dash height. In cab control is useful for applications where roll and pour is needed, such as curb and gutter, or flowable fill for utilities pipelines.

AD-MIX SYSTEM, MEDIUM FLOW (0.1-1.5 gpm/0.5-5.0 lpm) - Used for admixtures requiring 5 - 12 oz per 100 lbs of cement. Typically this system is needed when mid range water reducer is going to be used in mix designs. Admix must be diluted in some situations in order to enable consistent flow through the flow meter. System includes a 12 gallon (45 liter) poly tank, 12 or 24V electric pump and turbine wheel flow meter with digital display.

AD-MIX SYSTEM, HIGH FLOW (1.5 – 2.5 gpm/5.0-9.5 lpm) - Used for admixtures requiring 12 oz or more per 100 lbs of cement. Typically this system is needed when Calcium accelerator is going to be used in mix designs. Admix must be diluted in some situations in order to enable consistent flow through the flow meter. System includes a 35 gallon (45 132 liter) poly tank, 12 or 24V electric pump and turbine wheel flow meter with digital display.

AGGREGATE BIN DIVIDER - Steel aggregate bin divider divides bin 55% for stone and 45% for sand. Includes dual rack and pinion calibrated gate controls for precise metering of aggregates into the mix.

FLOWABLE FILL CEMENT PACKAGE - Includes hydraulic flow divider to enable slow speed cement output for applications requiring 300 lbs per cubic yard (135 kg/ m3) or lower. Enables cement speed from 50% down to 5% of normal speed.

CEMENT AERATOR PACKAGE - Includes 4 cement aerates installed on cement bin with air regulator. This option is typically needed in humid climates where cement moisture content can interrupt flow of cement or when cement must be left in the bin for longer periods of time.

PNEUMATIC CEMENT BIN FILL PACKAGE - 4” fill pipe to pneumatically fill cement bin.

ELECTRIC VIBRATOR UPGRADE - Upgrade from pneumatic vibrators to 12 or 24V electric vibrators. Electric vibrators hit with more force and require less maintenance than pneumatic vibrators.

STONE SIDE VIBRATORS - Includes 2 additional vibrators on the stone side of the aggregate bin. Needed when sand is going to be loaded on stone side or if using blended aggregates.

FIBER DISPENSER - 12V powered, compact, modular fiber dispenser mounts to cement bin and is controlled from main control panel with automatic function with mixer. Fiber dispenser feeds, chops and dispenses fiber into the mix chamber with consistency and accuracy.

COLOR DISPENSER - Modular feeder hopper dispenses color pigment powder into the mix chamber. Color dispenser is synchronized with aggregate conveyor and cement system to deliver consistent color across a full load of aggregates.

360° SWIVEL CHUTE - 360° swivel chute allows for improved placement of concrete.

ELECTRIC ROLL UP TARP FOR AGGREGATE BIN - High quality vinyl tarp is controlled from inside the cab. Covers full load of materials in aggregate bin to be DOT compliant for on highway driving.

12” AUGER - Upgrade from 10” diameter 8 ½ foot long auger to 12” diameter 9’ auger. Useful for applications where 60+ yards (45m3) per hour concrete production is required. Longer auger also reaches most pumps at a maximum of 50” load height.

WORK LIGHTS - 2 LED work lights mounted at the rear of the mixer, used to create visibility during evening or night pours.

ROCK WRAP SAFETY DIAPER - Vinyl tarp designed to attach under the bottom of the mix auger during transit to prevent any loose materials from falling off the mixer during travel.

SPARE PARTS PACKAGE - Critical replacement parts recommended to have on the shelf to enable minimal down time during maintenance. Includes auger motor, cement motor, conveyor motor and gear box, auger with wear blades and conveyor belt and chain assembly.

ON SITE TRAINING PACKAGE - Includes 2 full days with one of our experts on-site to calibrate the mixer to your mix designs with your materials in addition to training operators and overseeing initial pours with the mixer. Operator training includes calibrations process, yield testing of mix designs, mixer operation, mixer maintenance and business training.

MIXER MOUNTING - Includes engineered mounting of mixer to truck chassis meeting Holcombe Mixers approval, Power Take Off Unit for manual transmissions (Auto transmissions extra) to power hydraulic system, tandem axle fenders, light bars and in cab power switches and ticket printer where applicable.

FLY ASH BIN - Modular 50 cubic foot (1.4m3) hopper mounted behind cement bin on extended conveyor mixer models. Uses a single reverse flighting feed screw in combination with a 6” diameter meter screw with engineered baffelling system to consistently and accurately meter alternative cementuous material into the mix chamber. Synchronized hydraulically with the aggregate and cement systems with additional speed control with digital display speed output.

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